How to calculate the amount of Wallpaper You Need

Have you been wondering to know the volume of wallpaper will be enough for your wall? It is always advisable to allow some little extra, partly just in case the strip tears accidentally. Also, it is important in case you cannot get more wallpaper in the similar batch which could mean one role or a strip would appear different. All these take a little patience and time, a metal tape for measurement, a pencil, pad and the calculator. Here is an efficient guide from Designer Wallpaper on how to work this out:

Take single plain design wall

Measure wall width and the top height from the skirting to the ceiling i.e. 104 inches higher and 178 inches wide. The width of most wallpaper is 20.5 inches. Divide 178 inches by 20.5=8.6=9 wallpaper strips. The rolls can be about 11 yards long, therefore, divide 396 inches by 104 =3.8 inches now.

If don’t want have the horizontal joins on your walls, that means you will get only 3 three full strips on each role.

wallpaper for the entire house

Calculate single blank repeat design

Imagine a wall of 155 inches wide and 102 inches height. A wallpaper of 20.5 inches long, and the role of 396 standard inches as well as a repeat of 19 inches. Divide 155 inches by 20.5 for working out a number of trips required equal to 7.56=8 wallpaper strips.

Divide its height by a repeat, 102 inches divided by 19 equal to 5.36. Means that six repeats are required in every strip of a wallpaper. So you need to multiply 19 by 6 = 114 inches.

Calculating the wallpaper for the entire house

Measure the width and height of the entire room including all 4 walls. If you think that you can remove the width of the windows and doors, you cannot! The full strip is the reason length ways can be used beside the door and waste that can’t be used. Thus, it advisable only subtract a half of the windows and doors. Also, remember to spare some wallpaper for below and above the window.

Subtract one strip for 2 doors

You should only remove one strip of the wallpaper for every two or three windows in a room, it’s better to err on caution side. It’s possible to exactly work out the amount of wallpaper needed to know the starting point in a room and exact measurement below and above the window.

Divide 396 inches by 110 to work out most strips you can get out of every roll equals to 3.6 inches that are three full strips. A part of the reminder can be used above the windows and the doors. You can order 22 strips for the room (24-2) that is 8 rolls.