The shower commode chairs are used by people who are unable to stand for long to take a shower or are weak or even disabled to do so.The needs are varied according to the user. There are self-propelled commodes with wheels that helps the user to move around and do theirjob. There are padded seats, which provides more comfortto the user. The safety of the patient or aged person is a paramount so this must be taken care.These are good for both homes and hospitals. Even old age institutions find them handy. These are extremely innovative and can be manoeuvred in smaller spaces too.

How to buy the best in town

these are good enough for most people and are of dual use. The toilet and showering part are taken care of. They can be used as a toilet directly with the option of fitting a bucket underneath or they could be fitted onto the existing toilet. The wheels make it easy for shifting the individual easily and not causing injury by lifting the person manually to the shower or bathroom and then place them on the chair. The chair itself can be taken to the bathroom and utilised.

There less cause of injury and fall when using a shower commode chair. The materials used to make these chairs are sturdy, anti-rust and water proof too. People with short term usages would go in for the basic commode chairs which would usually consist of water resistant and mesh back support and nothing too fancy. This is used by injured people such as fractures, short illness or weakness etc.

People with chronic mobility problems must look for something that will last long and hold on in terms of weight and has many other functions too along with the basic functionalities. You could always consult the doctor, the caregiver and the user too. Medical professionals can recommend you the ones that have functionalities that are right for the patient. The amount of mobility of the patient to the way the positioning requirements of the user are kept in mind while purchasing the commode chair.

It may be good to buy a sturdy yet economical one which is durable and easy to keep clean. there should not be any rough edges that may scratch the skin surface of the user, as aging and kids along with weak patients have delicate skin that may meet the chair. There are also attractive colours to choose from and you could always veer away from the dull colours and brighten the patient’s mood with a bright coloured chair.

All this comes with attractive pricing and now various brands have come up with new interesting add on features and the upgrade would be irresistible. The new options are with an uncomplicated design, but functionality is of excellent value, non-rusting wheels, a good ground clearance, easy to push on carpeted areas too. It is equally viable for all age groups and convenient for most of the sizes.