Pros and cons of IOS jailbreaking

Actually by jailbreaking on iPhone or iPad one can get better hold on IOS. But then the question arise that whether it is safe to jailbreak the device. Although apple is a safest and user friendly device which gives lots of options to its users to select apps from app store, and people seems to be satisfied with it but then there is a lot of different people who also thinks that they need some other apps and are not very happy with the choice they have in app stores for them. They believe that they are being bound in the restriction of using app and they want to get out of it. Jailbreaking is basically developed for these type of customers who find something extra to be on their device all the time. And iPhone is said to be playing cat or mouse games with these users since the iPhone is launched way back in 2007.

What is jailbreaking?

jailbreak iphone,

Jailbreaking is a feature with which one can make changes in his/her device and get free by the restrictions which has been imposed by the apple on its users. According to the implications of apple the apps will be used or downloaded by the app store only abut through this jailbreaking one can download the apps with the third party also. For getting an idea how it works please refer

What are advantages of jailbreaking?

Let’s have a look that what are the advantages of having a jailbreak on your device. Why it is needed to be on iPhone?

  1. After buying an iPhone it’s your property and one can use it the way he/she likes it to use. These imposing implications should not be hindering the usage of ur own device. Secondly use of jailbreaking improve the use of your jailbreak iphone, when you will have apps according to your wish and need one will be able to use its own device much more effectively. So in certain ways jailbreaking is important for increasing the effectiveness of your device.
  2. The biggest advantage of using jailbreaking is that you can download the apps from anywhere, and wherever you want rather than downloading them just from the app store. Using apps from app store only can restrict the usage of you device while checking the useful apps and download them according to your need will make usage of your device much more efficient.
  3. By searching it on other platforms one can get the same apps with better or modified features which can enhance the usage of one’s device, rather than just sticking to the app store and using the same apps which are been provided. Jailbreaking gives you an extra advantage of searching apps with its better features and take it for your use.
  4. Without the jailbreaking on your device you are bound to keep your device’s look according to the options given in IOS, but with the help of jailbreaking you can try several new looks for your device too and make it look according to your wish and personality.
  5. With the jailbreaking feature one can tether its mac phone with the iPhone and bypass its network which is generally not allowed to do or if allowed also it very expensive to afford, while jailbreaking is giving you an option which one can use without spending more money.

Jailbreaking is legal in most of the countries and according to some people ot helps you to set free to use your device according to your wish without any restrictions.

IOS jailbreaking

What are the disadvantages of jailbreaking?

Rather than all these advantages of jailbreaking feature, there are certain disadvantages also which are there attached to it which one need to keep in mind before getting started with it

  1. As apple does not approve the usage of jailbreaking on your iPhone or iPad, so here comes the first disadvantage of using jailbreaking on your device, the moment you will use it on your device your device’s warranty will be invalidated on your jailbroke iPhone. If you want to get your device repaired with jailbreaking feature on it you will not be able to use your warranty on that device.
  2. Using jailbreaking on your device will take your iPhone or iPad out of the safety zone which is created by apple to keep the device secured. You will be under occasionally dangerous market of good apps, bad apps and malware etc. just like other android device user you have to face all the drawbacks related to these apps and get worried about the safety of your device.
  3. Using these jailbreaking techniques in your device is a complete cat and mouse game. Whenever there will be an update on IOS and you want to get your device updated accordingly then you are likely to lose your jailbreaking feature from your device and need to get it connected everytime this will happen.

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