Reasons Why You Are Yet to Experience Positive Results of Meditation

Meditation is not a new trend for body and mind rejuvenation, as it is a practice which was invented long time ago by our ancestors. Basically, it was originated in Southeast Asia and then it started propagating to throughout the world. To enhance mental focus and to attain refreshing as well as positive mindset, meditation has often been recommended to many people. Ample of benefits are there to be experienced, if you learn how to meditate. However, some people also complain that they are practicing it for a long time and they are yet to experience significant results. What could be the possible reasons behind this? A list of those possible reasons has been provided below.

Meditation Technique

Inconsistent Practice

You need to be serious or sincere with your meditation practicing time and sessions. It is good if you practice it twice a day for 10 to 20 minutes. In case if you do not get time, practicing it once per day is recommended. You should have a fixed time for practicing meditation. If you are not consistent with this schedule, you would not see its benefits on your mind as well as body.

Do Not Expect Drastic Changes

Over a small span of time, we expect drastic changes in our mindset with meditation. This is completely wrong. Moreover, it dismantles your focus on practicing meditation. Rather than focusing on practice sessions, you get anxious about results. As a result, positive results get further delayed.

Doubting Your Present Meditation Technique

In many cases, learners do not get expected results through meditation on a small span of time. As a result, they start doubting on techniques that they are using for practicing meditation. In order to learn how to meditate, you should follow instructor’s guideline religiously rather than doubting the techniques.

You Undergo High Stressful Schedule

If you undergo high stressful schedule on daily basis, it is obvious that good results of meditation will start showing up on your body and mind in a slow process. All you can do is to keep your faith on your meditation techniques and keep practicing it consistently as well as sincerely.