Right hair product for you

You must know the rules when it comes to looking for the right hair products to style your hair. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing it at home or at a salon, you need to have something that works well on your head without damaging your hair. Good friseur koeln will go by your wishes and use the product you want. However, the question is, how do you choose a good product?

simplest hairstyle

1- Know your hair

What is your hair type? People will ask if there are hair types as well. Actually, there are. Your hair may be thick or fine, silky or wavy or curly. So getting a product that suits your hair will depend on the type. Thicker hairs can use heavier products while fine hairs need to use thinner ones.

2- Look for the right finish

Finishing style products such as fixatives and flexibles need to be chosen from according to the hairstyle. Hairstyles that need to stay in place will use fixatives like gels and sprays and those with a looser look will use flexibles like wax. You can leave these selections to your friseur koeln, but if you choose to do it at home, you need to know your product.

3- Cost

You could go for brand products if you have the money, or for regular products otherwise. However, make sure to use products with non-damaging criteria. It is a good idea to ask for recommendations from your local stylist or hair salon.

4- Ingredients

It is a good idea to check out the ingredients of the product you are selecting. Do some research. Look for ingredients that are natural and do not damage your hair. You can find a good list online. Avoid harsh chemicals that can cause your hair to thin or lose its color and luster.

Choosing the right product can make all the difference. It can make the simplest hairstyle look great on you. So invest sometimes in it and choose your product wisely.