Polygraphs have been one of the best techniques to know the lie since years. But, scientists think that there is a need for many other ideas that shall be matched in the emotive but must be distinct in the pattern of the test. Lie detectors can prove to decide the life of a person. It is very unjust to play with the life of a human. So, alternatives to one test can be a better one to confirm it. This article shall explain some of the other techniques that have been designed exclusively to detect the lies in a better manner.

Lie detectors


An alternative to a polygraph is the eye tracking method. This does not use the measurement of physiological responses rather it considers the aspects that are related to the human eye. Some changes in the eyes like the measurement of the level of dilation of the pupil, the time required in the response that is followed by errors in the answer pattern. The setup used here is that the data of such changes are recorded on a computer and then the rest of the process is continued. The test has revealed that the pupil dilation is a perfect sign of a lie. There are many benefits of eye tracking test in comparison to a polygraph. It is economical, the whole process is organized by the machines and does not involve any examiner in the process.


What our brain thinks and the conditions that are undergone in a lie detection test of the brain are done by electroencephalography. The principle that is used in the process is the cognitive chronometry which is used to measure the exact brain pulses. This helps in distinguishing whether the person is telling a truth or a lie. The instrument that helps in the process is the timed antagonistic response alethiometer. The device sends stimuli to the brain and the response of the stimuli is used to recover the rest of the answer.


Till now we have gone through many of the tests that can give a perfect lie detected the response. But this is one of the newest ones. Do you know what truth drugs are? Truth drugs are drugs that are composed of sodium thiopental, ethanol,and cannabis. Only a bit of the drug makes the person speak out the truth. But, this is not at all a reliable technique because the answer that comes out of this test is a wholly unreliable one without any base at all.

When it comes to the question about the life of a person, the examination board of the examination cannot take such tests to play with the life of the innocent. But the Lie detector test limited is a very reliable company and only uses the polygraph method of detection which is considered to be the most reliable technique.


The polygraph is the best technique that has been employed by most if the centers dealing with lie detection. There are many other techniques being used. But researchers often assume that only the polygraph is the one which shall give a true result. Though the advancements are being made and challenges are being overcome, the evidence of the results of the other techniques is not yet sufficient to prove them more effective to the already available one. So, scientists are trying their best to beat out the traditional to the modern computerized polygraphs and replace them with something better.