Unblocked games Ugofs that are available at weebly.com

There are several unblocked games that are available for free to be played on several websites. These unblocked games are simple, easy to play, safe and does not occupy much space on your computer. These are a easy way to get away from the stress and take a break from work. Weebly is a popular website where you can find lots of unblocked games ugofs. This website has a lot of quality unblocked games available for download and play. On this website you get the freedom to pay blocked games even without being detected from your office or school internet connection even if they have blacklisted some websites.

popular unblocked game

All the games on unblocked games ugofs are manually collected and are top rated and mostly loved by players of all the age groups. Here are some of the top rated games on these websites that you must look out for.

  1. Happy wheels — this is the most popular unblocked game loved by players. This is a simple flash game. This game allows to create user based levels.
  2. Vex 3– this is a 2d platformers game which has a major emphasis on difficulty and speed. The time based levels are very difficult and you might get a tough time while playing that.
  3. Whack your boss — this is a favorite game amongst the youngsters and school going children. The concept of the game is to find ways to brutally kill your boss with the help of office supplies. Make sure you do not try out the stuff in your office.
  4. Plasma burst — if you love shooting games then this 2d platformer game is built for you. This game has a funky design and is pretty simple and fun to play.
  5. Run 2– this is another popular game amongst youngsters and is a platformer game with an impressive design and theme.
  6. Feed us 3– if you want to become a hungry piranha then this game is for you. You must avoid jellyfish, sharks and other dangers when you are satisfying your hunger by eating people and sinking boats.
  7. Shift 4– this is a volleyball game in which the layers play the role of girls in bikinis. You need to hit a bomb over the net area.It is simple and fun to play.

But make sure that you do not compromise on studies while playing these games.