What Are The Different Types of Sockets Available?

A socket is designed for the tool it has been made for. There are many types of sockets and all of them have their own purpose. They fasten and perform accordingly. Here are the different types of sockets available. To buy the best socket set, go through ToolsDuty’s detailed reviews on popular sets.

Universal Sockets

  1. Hex Sockets: Hex sockets are “hexagonal”, meaning they have six points or are six headed. Some also have twelve points and is also known as “bi-hex” or “double hex”. It is the most common type of socket and has six angles at the bolt end. The double hex is able to perform twice than the normal hex.
  2. Impact Sockets: Impact sockets come up with the industrial surface finish. It is black in color and is made for impact wrenches. They have thick walls with a non-corrosive finish so that they can perform better. It provides more vibration and is suitable for any kind of impact driver including air guns. It is ductile and is designed with higher torque.
  3. Socket Bits: Socket bit is a combination of a hex socket and screwdriver bit. It can be a single piece of metal or attached to two different parts. It contains a ratchet for the square drive. When the two different pieces are fixed, they form a firm grip. They are available in a number of shapes and size.
  4. Spark Plug Sockets: It is a kind of special socket which is used to remove or fit the engine’s spark plug. They often come up with foam rubber which enables the holding of the spark plug. It comes in many sizes. When used incorrectly, it can cause a severe damage your spark plug.
  5. Insulated Sockets: It comes with a coating to protest from the flow of electric current. It must be used for insulated turning tool. They are tested to perform current on both AC and DC electrical current. The coating usually comes up in two layers.
  6. Pass-Through Sockets: This type of socket is used for a stud or bolt. It quickly loosens or tightens your bolts. It is designed specifically in a form of a ratchet spanner and clamps around the socket. It contains a pass-throughhole in the form of a hollow tube.
  7. Universal Sockets: A universal socket gives a 360-degree rotating action. You can lose or tight those bolt where you are unable to reach. They have many pins which are spring-loaded on the head of the socket. It is shaped in a perfect way to attach or fix itself with other gadgets.

Based on your requirement, you can buy any of these socket set but it is better to go through ToolsDuty detailed reviews of different socket set to choose the best one of the lot.